The Norsemen

Theatre design isn't a subject I usually cover here on Design Hunter, but while this project may seem a little off topic, it really made an impact on me as an example of how when designers are forced to work within the most challenging of parameters they can be capable of unleashing their creativity, skill and effort to produce pretty staggering results.

Using only £250 worth of brown paper and card, Theatre, Performance and Event Design students at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design were challenged to produce a set design for 'The Norsemen'.

The set depicts Valhalla, the hall of the slain, presided over by the all father Odin - a place of companionship for the battlefield dead where the characters gather together and make merry while awaiting the call to arms of the final great battle of Ragnarok.

The students responded to the project brief over a period of just four weeks, working with space, figure, light, sound and narrative. The figures are twice life size.

It's an inspirational example of how the strictest budget limitations can sometimes produce the most creative results.

Images: Graham Powell