The Sculpture House

Bridging the gap between fine art and contemporary design, The Sculpture House is a new online destination for artist designed furniture founded by Alex Chinneck, David Murphy and Richard Davies.

Originally conceived as an opportunity for artists to explore furniture design freely and without compromise, The Sculpture House is motivated by a belief that artists bring alternative attributes to the design process. 

Concrete Rug, designed by Alex Chinneck in collaboration with British illustrator Matthew Gaffen,  applies the symmetry and recurring motifs of traditional Oriental rug design to an unexpected material. Developed from a series of large-scale outdoor sculptures, it represents a crystallization of Chinneck's investigations into concrete and the boundaries of its material capabilities.

The rug is assembled much like a jigsaw from 238 individual pieces of council paving slab. Through process and pattern this humble, everyday material is transformed; subtle variations in texture and pigmentation across the surface begin to lend the concrete textile-like qualities.

Skirting Board Sunset by Helmut Smits is a playful floor lamp that reintroduces the natural phenomena of the setting sun into our increasingly hectic urban lives. Constructed from folded and heat-bonded yellow Perspex, it emits a warm atmospheric glow, transforming a living room or bedroom floor into an unobscured horizon against which to view the endlessly setting sun.

Antipode Chair by David Rickard is a reversible, mirror-image armchair – two distinct but identical chairs in one. It combines a natural finish on one 'side' with a colour on the reverse. When the chair is inverted the finish changes but the form remains the same.