by Graham Powell

Gas... Hiss!     Electricity... Zap!     Water... Sploosh!

Ahh water... the utility that we really value.

Not some silent service that simply turns on the heat or flicks on the power for a myriad of consumer appliances or gadgets. Oh no.

Consider, for a moment the difference in points of delivery; valve? socket? or tap? and the experiential difference between the three; ugly? boring? or expressive? Water commands our respect and so design delivers our expectations.

Water matters more because it not only touches us, but it cleanses us too - both inside and out (literally). Of course nowhere else in the home is this intimate relationship with personal care expressed as it is in the bathroom. Nowhere else do we care so much about our service providers.

And so to the taps. They are so, so much more than simply a functional delivery system of a basic utility. In the end it’s all a question of semantics really.

So, what do yours say about you?

Rettangolo basin taps by Gessi  |  Edition 11 basin taps by Keuco  |  Deque bath taps by Dornbracht  |  W1 Rubinetti taps by Boffi