Decorating with Style by Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern's new book Decorating with Style comes out this month.

Aside from her love of moody dark interiors (or the dark side as she calls it), Abigail is well known for creating seductive stylish spaces that are big on personality. Dazzling, bold, exuberant and whimsical are just a few of the words that could be used to describe the multi-layered, idiosyncratic interiors that typify her style. She believes firmly that our homes should reflect our selves - who we are and what we love - and her approach turns tradition upside down. Forget about cautiously muted and matching colours or buying the latest 'it' chair, for Abigail it's all about breaking rules and changing how we think about decorating to create spaces that are relaxed and happy.

Here are some of Abigail's tips from the new book, which is published by Quadrille.

1. Fuse with aplomb

"Our homes should reveal something about who we are and what we like. With a mix of high, low, vintage and high street,  your home will tell a story other people want to listen to and hang out in!"

2. Don't play it safe

"Too much tastefulness is dull. Harmoniously hued rooms need an off note. If you're opting for a neutral palette, create interest through shape and texture."

3. The devil is in the detail

"Home accessories are the stuff that turn a pad from mundane to magical in a nanosecond. Decorative statements add layers, and the more layers you pile on the better."

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To celebrate the release of Decorating with Style, Anthropologie is hosting a Spring Master Class and book signing with Abigail Ahern at their Regent Street Store on Wednesday 27th March from 6.30-8.30pm. Tel 0207 529 9800 or email for more details.

Images: Graham Atkins-Hughes

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