Articles of daily use - #2 The best watering can in the universe?

With Spring having finally arrived it's time to bring out those watering cans. Over the weekend I pricked out my tomato seedlings, and since they'll be sitting on my office window sill for a few more weeks until it's warm enough to transfer them outside, a new watering can seems like a justifiable purchase.

For indoor plant hydration you'd be hard pushed to find a better looking solution than this X3 watering can designed by Paul Loebach and produced by Kontextür. It's available in either solid copper or painted steel and constructed using a single metal tube bent three times, hence the name. As well as being practical - it can be held on top for carrying when full or at the side for pouring - it is also a thing of beauty.

Now, if I could just get that Radiohead song about fake plastic trees out of my head...