Barena Venezia

Barena Venezia is an Italian company that creates simple, functional clothing inspired by the dress of the people who live on the islands around the Venice lagoon. The unique style of the region, which can be described as lagunare, consists of garments traditionally worn for activities such as farming, hunting and fishing.

The company takes its name from the Venetian term baro, (derived from the Celtic barre), which is used to indicate the territory in the Venetian lagoon between land and water. Many of the garments in the collection are an interpretation of pieces found in museums and antique markets. Others have been developed from photographs found in old books. All are made entirely on the Venetian mainland from high quality natural textiles such as linen.

I love the honesty and simplicity of this collection. The garments appear both ageless, in the sense that they can be worn regardless of age, and timeless in their ability to transcend the vagaries of fashion.