Abundance - Billy Lloyd at North House Gallery

Billy Lloyd is a young British ceramicist with a growing reputation. I admire his work a lot and featured his porcelain pitcher and bowl for The New Craftsmen on Design Hunter back in February. I also follow him with interest on Twitter, where he regularly shares sketches, work in progress shots and images from his studio, offering a unique insight into his working process. This month he unveils new work in an exhibition called Abundance at North House Gallery in Manningtree, which also includes still lifes by Susan Brinkhurst and a bold series of painted constructions and pastel works on paper by John Christie.

Billy's ceramics are domestic, functional and white. His work has a rare purity, honesty and understanding of form that combines clarity of design with the nuances of making by hand. The objects he produces appear simple and pared down - stripped of any superfluous detail and left with what he feels is necessary to characterise each piece.

After graduating from Camberwell College of Arts in 2006 Billy worked for Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery before going on to assist Julian Stair from 2007 until he established his own studio in 2011. He talks about the time he served as an apprentice and how it broadened his skills as a maker in this interview with Ceramic Arts Daily which I recommend if you'd like to learn more about his work.

The images featured here show Billy's work in situ at North House Gallery, which was established by Penelope Hughes-Stanton in the former studio of her father, the painter and wood engraver Blair Hughes-Stanton. Billy expresses his gratitude to Penelope for inviting him to exhibit in her beautiful home. "As a maker of domestic objects it's a privilege to display my work in such a unique environment" he says.

The exhibition extends through the ground floor of the simple Georgian house, which overlooks the estuary of the River Stour at Manningtree in Essex, and into the letterpress workshop which houses several generations of printing presses, type cabinets and other now historic equipment.

The current exhibition includes a collection of 25 unique jugs and new tableware. Previously Billy created a set of 50 unique mugs, which was bought by Vicki Conran as a Christmas present for Sir Terence Conran.

Abundance is at North House Gallery, Manningtree, Essex from 11 May until 9 June 2013 - contact the gallery for opening times.

To enquire about any of the work available, contact Penny directly.

Billy's work for The New Craftsmen is also featured on Design Hunter.

Images ©  www.billylloyd.co.uk