Everyday Magic

Vivid Grey is a newly launched homeware brand created by Interior Architect and Designer Sabine Fajana. Offering up a delightful range of modern heirloom furnishings, including handcrafted textiles and lighting, the collection has been designed with a home shared by both children and adults in mind.

The brand evolved out of Sabine's experience of working with luxury brands while also being the mother of a small son, Raven. She developed a desire to create an authentic brand selling beautiful home furnishings with an honest, natural and emotionally engaging aesthetic - one that would appeal to both children and adults alike by balancing the imagination and vividness of a child's world with a refined and sophisticated look that adults would also love.

All items are manufactured to order in the company's recently completed Vienna workshop using local or organic materials sourced through certified fair trade suppliers and the fabrics are dyed, customised and screen printed on the premises.

At the heart of the collection is a careful selection of contrasting textures - curtains made of coarse linen voile are refined with the subtle complexity of a cobweb, super soft bamboo quilts are wadded with thick natural cotton and embellished with little hearts. This balance between raw and refined materials is found throughout the collection. 

Some of the pieces are designed to add a subtle sense of discovery to a space, stirring the imagination with little details that are often only discovered at second glance - a small frog hiding in a linen drum shade or a hand-printed key. Other pieces are deliberately made with less refinement, using torn fabric or bold experimental printing methods with random results. These add an intuitive, crafted and less tamed look to the everyday.

The use of honest, natural materials and the handmade manufacturing process make each piece unique.

Conceived as beautiful home furnishings that will stand the test of time Sabine hopes that her designs will go on to become heirloom pieces that will be cherished and passed down through the generations.