1950s modernism in Pimlico - a council flat conversion

Built in the Modernist style during the 1950s as part of the post war plan to build housing for 'the masses' at a modest cost, this small ex-council flat in Pimlico is the mid-century style home of interior designer Rients Bruinsma.

In designing the flat - his first London home, Rients, who is widely travelled, was inspired by the interiors of Brazil and in particular Sao Paolo.

Polished teak has been used extensively throughout the flat. As a material that was particularly popular during the 1950s, Rients chose it in order to create a look that would be very much in keeping with the era during which the flat was originally built.

Another 50s favourite, polished concrete, was chosen for the floor.

Teak has also been used in the bathroom to encase the built in bath, where as in the kitchen, it contrasts strikingly with the black tilework.

Bespoke concealed storage has been seamlessly integrated to make ingenious use of every inch of this small flat.


Images © James McDonald 2013

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