A dreamscape bedroom inspired by the Finnish night sky

This colourful bedroom from an apartment in Turku in southwest Finland is the phase 2 completion of a project first featured on Design Hunter last year. The concept is the work of Italian designer Maurizio Giovanni who, in responding to the client's brief, worked to create a space that that would be like 'diving into a dream'.

With the idea of dreams and fairytales at the centre of the design scheme, the homeowner commissioned Italian illustrator Bimba Landmann to create an exclusive wallpaper mural. The colour scheme was inspired by the blue of the Finnish night sky.

The room also incorporates the work of emerging artists and designers encountered on travels in Turkey, Paris, India and Italy during the course of the project.

"I like to define my style as 'fusion' "says Maurizio. "I love blending different cultures in my design schemes with bright and colourful themes to create a warm space where a person feels good. Architecture can be joyful!!"

You can view the rest of the apartment here.

Images © Mikko Ala-Peijari /Kauniit Kodit

Wooden pendant light by Herr Mandel

Alfred chair by Loris & Livia.

'Get Out' dog lamp from Eno Studio