Steam bent lighting and furniture handcrafted in Cornwall

Operating out of a woodland workshop in Cornwall, Tom Raffield designs and handcrafts steambent furniture and lighting. Using a low tech process he and his team manipulate wood into intricate 3D forms, like the Flock chandelier (above), designed to resemble the fluidity of a flock of birds.

All of the wood used is sustainably sourced and Tom sees the business as very much intertwined with the woodland within which it is located.

"It's not for us just about making a really beautiful product, it's also about understanding where that product has come from, about understanding the process that made that product, the trees that created the wood to make that product.

"It's really important for us to look after our woodland and most of all to enjoy the woodland" he says. "It's such a beautiful place to live and work and to be in. There's so much that it can offer. It's not just creating the timber to make the products that we use for our business."

Beautifully understated, the cage light creates intricate shadows when lit.

The organic, flowing design of the Loop Chair is designed to bring out the beauty of the natural English oak from which it is made.

The coat loop, made from a single strip of steam bent oak, offers an elegant resting place for coats and umbrellas.

Simple and unassuming, the Helix lampshade is made from a single piece of very fine ash. Light emanates through the grain of the wood, creating a beautiful warm glow.