Sunday Edition

Some links for a lazy Sunday:

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What happened to downtime? The extinction of deep thinking and sacred space.

Todd Selby photographs the rustic home of Nashville coffee company owner Drew Park.

My interview with powder compact collector Lisa Larsson is published in this month's issue of The Simple Things.

How Amazon's not really killing small bookstores... it's mostly killing big chain bookstores (via @seenandsaid)

Photographer Fiona Murray took some lovely images of me at home (over coffee cake and mint tea) and wrote about it on her blog.

Astley Castle was a worthy winner of this year's Stirling Prize. Here's the review I wrote of it after my visit last year.

The second edition of Mollie Makes Home is out. Guest Editor Caroline Taylor of Patchwork Harmony offers a taster.

If you are looking for some new soup recipes now that the weather is starting to become cooler I share one of my favourites over on the Solavia blog.

Image: Tableware by Toasticon