Shelf Life - Hannah Bidmead of Nancy & Betty

'Shelf Life' is a new feature on Design Hunter in which I'll be inviting guest contributors, including some of my favourite designers and bloggers, to share a photograph of a shelf in their home, studio or office containing objects that are significant to them in some way, and to then tell us about the things they've chosen. The idea is to offer a glimpse into their 'life' in a shelf - well their style, tastes and interests anyway!!

First up is Hannah Bidmead of Nancy and Betty whose chosen objects are pictured sitting on top of a piano that was given to her by some dear friends before they emigrated to Finland. Over to you Hannah...

From left to right:

1. Heirloom oak pencil case – new to Nancy & Betty Studio (coming in October).

2. Tim Walker book from his recent exhibition. He has no limits on his imagination – very inspiring.

3. Wooden H I made on a laser cutter and painted in blackboard paint.

4. Recent Wallpaper magazine.

5. 2x Royal Copenhagen Christmas tea lights, which I won. I was really happy as I never win anything and they’re so beautiful!

6. Vintage sellotape tin – love the colour and the typography. Also available  

7. Canvas – my friend made this from screen printing through an old net curtain.

8. Green milk glass cake stand – I love the colour and the shape.

9. Wedgewood Peter Rabbit cup – I recently found this in a charity shop for my little boy.

Hannah Bidmead is the founder of independent stationery brand Nancy and Betty Studio, based in Canterbury. Follow Hannah on Twitter @nancyandbetty

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