Nokian by Julia Lundsten

Julia Lundsten boots.jpg

When my ancient and much loved Hunters finally gave up the ghost recently I decided it was time for a change. They had done me proud and been trusty companions on countless adventures but, in reality, there aren't too many days when knee height boots are absolutely necessary and so I figured these biker style rain boots would be more practical.

Designed by Julia Lundsten, a Finnish shoe designer and Royal College of Art graduate, they are made by Nokian, a company that has been manufacturing rubber boots in Finland for more than 100 years.

The emphasis of the design is on the quality of the material. The rubber is incredibly soft and tactile and they've been designed to emulate the feel of a leather boot. They have a minimalist, contemporary look (with a hint of Nordic street style), and unlike most rubber boots they fit quite neatly around the ankle. Sensible straps to help you pull them on easily are another thoughtful design feature. Best of all though, they are fur-lined.

Nokian by Julia Lundsten.jpg

The website recommends ordering a size below your normal shoe size and the sizes are generous, but I ordered my regular size and they fitted perfectly. They'd sold out of my size on the Nokian by Julia Lundsten website though so I ordered mine here.

You can find out more about Julia Lundsten, her design inspirations and her collaboration with Nokian in this interview.