A wall leaning side table

Yeh Wall Table_600px.jpg

The new SS14 collection from Menu includes the wall leaning Yeh side table - a versatile and strikingly minimal design that lends itself perfectly to use as a bedside table or as a resting place for magazines and a cup of coffee beside the sofa.

Designed by Taipei based Kenyon Yeh and made from powder coated steel and tube, its circular tabletop folds at a right angle into a point that clings to the wall to prevent the table toppling over.

"The inspiration came from a cheerleader practice I passed by one day on my way to work," says Yeh. "Two students were rehearsing strength and balance. The male student was in sitting position up against a wall (but without a chair) and the female student was standing on his thighs. The table mimics the position of the male student, back resting on the wall and two legs angled away from the wall for stability."

Yeh Wall Table 2
Yeh Wall Table 4
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