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Despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that I spend so much time online for me there is still something very special about the printed word. A book, is an indulgence, a completely different and much more immersive experience than browsing online.

There is a restlessness about reading online. You never quite know where you are going to end up as an endless stream of links leads you from one destination to another. But with a book, there's much more commitment involved. You decide that you are going to sit down in your favourite chair, or tuck up in bed to enjoy an early night and give it your undivided attention. And for me that commitment leads to quite a different kind of relationship with the content you are reading.

Over the Christmas holidays I was determined to enforce a digital detox upon myself and to make some time to sit down in a cosy corner with a good book... and it was just bliss.

Here are a few of the books on my reading list this year. I'm resolving to make more time to enjoy them.

Above: The Kinfolk Table - recipes for small gatheringscelebrates the simple pleasures of a shared meal, casual entertaining and "showing up at life's feast". I spent the holidays dipping into this as I received a copy for Christmas, and found myself lingering over the beautiful home and lifestyle images just as much as the enticing recipes.


Above: Whenever I am asked to name my favourite design blogs and websites I visit I never fail to mention Remodelista - it's a site I'm endlessly inspired by. I haven't yet picked up a copy of their recently released book Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home, but this is one that's definitely on my reading list for 2014.

the inspired home interiors of deep beauty 2.jpg
the inspired home interiors.jpg

Above:The Inspired Home: Interiors of Deep Beauty by Karen Lehman Bloch focuses on timeless interiors with a sense of purity and authenticity - spaces that meet both our physical and spiritual needs and provide an enduring sense of rejuventation and pleasure. It features 25 beautiful homes owned by interior designers, fashion designers, artists and stylists.


Above: Scandinavian Modern by Skandium co-founders Magnus Englund and Christina Schmidt features 12 Scandinavian homes from modern country houses to city centre apartments. There's also a look at Scandinavian design in the context of materials: wood, glass, textiles and ceramics.


Freunde von Freunden - Berlin presents twenty eight creative Berliners in their homes and workspaces.

modern rustic emily henson book.jpg

Above:Modern Rustic by Emily Henson celebrates the fabric of a home and revels in earthy colours, rich textures and natural materials such as wood and stone.

beyond chic book cover.jpg
beyond chic book.jpg

Beyond Chic: Great Fashion Designers at Home offers an intimate tour of the homes of couturiers, muses, stylists and other fashion personalities including Chanel, Missoni, Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent and Manolo Blahnik.

creative living london cover 2.jpg
creative living london.jpg

Above: Creative Living: London features thirty four individualistic and inspirational London interiors. Arranged by location, from west to east, they include a converted piano factory and a revamped fire station.

What's on your reading list for 2014?

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