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To illustrate the spirit of their urban non-conformist range Hogan Rebel, fashion brand Hogan recently worked on an editorial project in which they invited twelve modern rebels, from diverse fields including art, design, music, business and fashion, to share their ideas and visions as creative free spirits and non conformists.

Presented through a series of short films and interviews and also compiled in a three volume book released this month, The Rebel Journey, is Hogan's vision of a manifesto of rebel culture.

Among those featured are hat maker and modern times "Mad Hatter" Nick Fouquet, the founders of the Impossible Project (whose passion for and belief in analogue instant photography led them to buy the last remaining factory in the world producing polaroid film), and Spanish-born designer Nacho Carbonell.

Nacho Carbonell - The Rebel Journey

Nacho Carbonell - The Rebel Journey

"What I do may be seen as unconventional, and when you do something you're not expected to do you are often labeled as an outsider," says Carbonell, who can count Brad Pitt among the admirers of his work - the actor reportedly bought all three pieces from his 2009 Evolution collection.

I was invited to contribute to this short trailer that provides a taster of the film about Carbonell's work.

You can view the full film here.

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