Lucky for One


Spotted and admired at Interiors UK recently, Lucky for One by Juliette Bigley is a slightly whimsical and anthropomorphic collection of vessels. Crafted from patinated brass with gold plate, the collection aims to prompt us to consider how we interact with each other in groups.

"Imagine walking into a party where you know no one - it is likely that you would spend some moments scanning the crowd, looking for familiar faces, or familiar aspects," says Juliette. "Lucky for One invites the viewer to do just that: explore the objects, seeking out their differences and their eccentricities through touch and sight, and using these to orientate themselves to the group and the individuals that make up that group. It also has a different function for me, which was to begin an exploration into groups of work, as opposed to single pieces. Groups seem to have their own individual character and their own way of communicating to people. Having said that, all of my group pieces work in smaller groups or as individual pieces as well."


After previous careers in performing arts and healthcare management Juliette began her training as a silversmith by signing up for an evening class in metalwork. She fell in love with it, and a year later decided to go 'back to school' to study the subject further. Since then she's honed her skills by studying with world-renowned silversmiths including Simone ten Hompel, Wayne Meeten and David Clarke and was recently a finalist in the New Design Britain Awards.

"I suppose I'm interested in how we live in the world and this naturally led on to a curiosity about the way in which we interact with objects and how we use them to shape our world through the things we have around us and the ways in which we use them," says Juliette. "This led naturally to silversmithing, which is creating objects from metal. Silver is a beautiful metal to work in - malleable and responsive as well as being beautiful, but I also work in base metals (typically copper, brass and gilding metal - another metal alloy) and they all have their own characteristics, both to work with and their 'look' when they're finished."


Juliette will be exhibiting her work at Decorfest which takes place in Wimbledon March, and also at British Silver Week and the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey in June.

To buy or commission her work contact Juliette directly through her website