Urban Perspectives - architecturally inspired textiles


These striking weaves by textile designer Clair Whyman, caught my eye recently at Interiors UK, where they were shortlisted in the fabric category of the New Design Britain Awards.

Clair is a graduate of Manchester School of Art, where she studied textiles, specialising in woven design. She also has a passion for photography and the designs were inspired by simple geometric patterns in a series of architectural photographs she took, which were exhibited alongside her work at the New Design Britain Awards in Birmingham last month. Held annually, the awards aim to  recognise innovative and ground breaking student work and provide an opportunity to encourage emerging design talent and look to the future of the industry.


"The research behind this project was based around perspectives in urban landscapes," says Clair. "By using my camera as a drawing tool I was able to manipulate solid structures and create patterns and shapes that would normally be invisible to the naked eye."


"I have always found myself drawn to architecture and like to play with the idea of contrasts, old vs new, beautiful vs ugly or even city vs country. Weave can be a restrictive process and, altough I enjoy repeat and symmetry, I like to challege the natural stripe that it can create by using colour and pattern to draw the eye away from this."

urban_perspectives_clair_whyman_design_hunter_3 copy.jpg

Designed with the contemporary home in mind, the handwoven fabrics in the collection are suitable for production as home soft furnishings - from cushions and throws to curtains and upholstery.


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