5 minutes with... designer & seamstress Ulrika Vallance


With a fashion career spanning more than 20 years behind her, Swedish born designer and seamstress Ulrika Vallance has just launched a new loungewear brand. Inspired by her love of vintage fabrics and 1920s era silhouettes she's created a collection of beautifully tailored, buttery soft silk cotton slips, robes, camisoles and shorts in antique hues and classic shapes. 

After leaving home aged 19, with a dream of learning French and becoming a designer, Ulrika headed to Provence to study fashion at the International School in Marseille. From there she went on to apprentice in Karl Lagerfeld's studio in Paris and design womenswear in Florence before relocating to London where she created bespoke flower girl dresses for her first label Ulrika Bogö. She currently lives in New York with her two young sons and musician/travel writer husband, where she designs from a small studio in a revamped can factory near her Brooklyn home.

Designed with comfort and luxury in mind, the debut collection focuses on cut, detail and texture. The Le Marais robe (above) with its low slung belt and wide pleats takes its inspiration from flapper dresses of the 1920s, while the Brooklyn (below) is a classic kimono style gown that has been reworked with modern elbow length sleeve.

We think they are pretty gorgeous so we asked Ulrika to share a few of her style inspirations.


Which 3 words best describe your loungewear collection?

Soft, light, vintage inspired.

If you had to choose one thing to wear every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

It would have to be one of my mother's vintage 60's coats. I am very nostalgic, and I love to wear things that make me think of someone I love.

Who or what inspires you?

I read recently about a 100 year old Swedish lady who is blogging. I get inspired by people who learn new things and get into new projects with curiosity, whatever their age or previous experience.

Where's your favourite place to be?

By the ocean.

How do you define style?

Wearing clothes that fit your personality (or present mood) and wearing them with pride.

What are you reading right now?

At the moment I'm not reading anything. I have a knitwear project I'm really excited about, so I relax in the evening with a bit of knitting.

What's your motto?

I love quotes and mottos! There are many that I try to follow. My own would be:

'Travel light with an open mind.'

I've lived in different countries and moved a lot. As a result, I've learned to let go of things, and to appreciate what new places can teach me.


View the complete collection at www.ulrikavallance.com