Are you sitting comfortably?


Last night Helen and I went along to the launch of Natuzzi’s latest offering in ultimate comfort… their Re-Vive reclining chair and ottoman.

Hosted in Zaha Hadid’s über organic fronted Serpentine Sackler Gallery, in London’s Hyde Park, guests were literally encouraged to put their feet up and enjoy the experience. With a rather appealing strap line of ‘Love Doing Nothing’, the recliner’s primary aim is to service the needs of a common ‘secret’ desire. Not a bad philosophy for the increasingly hectic lives we currently find ourselves living.

On first impressions the Re-Vive is quite possibly the sort of design you might associate with more traditional quality furniture outlets, and as such take less notice of. On closer consideration however, it reveals much about our desires and needs, when living in the now.


It’s rather refreshing then to both see, and be encouraged to relax in, a chair that was actually designed with comfort in mind. This might sound rather odd, and indeed it should, but these days it is a rare experience indeed. The design industry’s on-going obsession with the idea that the chair represents the ‘ultimate’ object to design feeds us endless offerings of what are essentially exercises in self-promotion. Rarely do they address any concern with fitness for purpose, people's needs, or attempt to challenge us to think about our lifestyles.

In this respect the Re-Vive does not disappoint, as much consideration and subsequent development has gone into the optimisation of comfort itself, with clever adjust and tilt mechanisms hidden away underneath beautifully upholstered Italian leather. Described as a ‘Performance Recliner’, Natuzzi has effectively produced a piece of furniture that marries form, functionality and emotional response through a multi-sensory experience… high quality touch and feel being key objectives.

Ultimately this chair is perhaps best experienced with your eyes closed, reminding us that design can be about so much more than simply looking.


...and relax.

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