A new look Design Hunter

After spending the past few weeks working on some site changes I'm pleased to be launching a clean, new look for Design Hunter today.

I loved the old design and had grown quite attached to it since the site was last updated almost two years ago. However, I've become increasingly aware of the shift towards the consumption of online content on smartphones and tablets, rather than on laptop or desktop computers, and so this site update was designed with easier, fully optimised browsing on smaller devices in mind. As ever, I'd love to know what you think, so please do share any feedback you have on the new site.

In recent months many leading bloggers have commented on how much and how rapidly blogging has changed, and is continuing to change. I started this blog almost five years ago back in 2009 and I've certainly witnessed lots of changes since then. Adapting to these changes as the online landscape evolves is something that keeps me continually interested in and excited by blogging. In particular over the past few months it has become evident that people's browsing habits are changing and that readers are now accessing the content produced by their favourite bloggers on lots of different platforms and not just via blogs (something I noticed Will of Bright Bazaar also commenting on just last week). I try to update most weekdays on Design Hunter's different social media channels, so if you don't already, please do drop in on Design Hunter on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook too.

Launching a site update also feels like a good time to thank Design Hunter readers, both old and new, for sharing in and being part of my blogging journey. Running this site has become a full time job and a huge part of my life - something that I could never have envisioned when I first began almost five years ago.

Thank you!


Helen x

Helen Powell2 Comments