The future has landed

What is this strange, futuristic new object that has just landed in our utility room, Albert whippet is wondering?

Well, it's the new Samsung WW9000 ecobubble touchscreen washing machine I'm currently testing out.

With its seamless, streamlined front and elegantly minimal appearance it delivers an alluring first impression. Gone are the usual buttons and dials you find on the front of a washing machine. In their place you'll find a clean, intuitive touchscreen interface that you can also access via your smartphone allowing you to check and operate the machine remotely.

The deep blue crystal glass door further enhances its striking visual impact. Significantly larger than the door on a standard washing machine, it provides access to a huge 10kg drum that can accommodate correspondingly bigger loads.

While many washing machines sacrifice style for functionality, the Samsung WW9000 is a machine that will appeal to those who appreciate thoughtful, considered design. This is definitely not an appliance you’ll want to hide away in a dark recess of your kitchen or utility room. Happily, in this case its distinctive form is accompanied by superior functionality. The WW9000 boasts a wide range of state of the art features, including sensing technology that measures the size of the washing load (and calculates and dispenses the optimum amount of detergent accordingly) and a memory that learns your washing habits and remembers your favourite programmes.

I’m looking forward to testing out more of its features over the next couple of weeks – I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited about tackling the laundry - but in the meantime I've asked Albert to share his first impressions.

Over to you Albert...

"Hmm, clean lines and super minimalist styling. Woof!"

"Friendly touchscreen communication panel. Woof!

I wonder if there are any tasty treats inside though. I'd better open the hatch and investigate...."

"The whippet treat dispensing feature seems to be missing, but look how spacious that decontamination chamber is. It's a woof from me."


Three woofs then. So far so good.

Full report coming up just as soon as we've taken it for a spin.