5 minutes with... Sabine Fajana of Vividgrey

First featured on Design Hunter soon after its launch last year, Vividgrey is a Vienna based homeware company created by architect and interior designer Sabine Fajana. Designed with a home shared by children and adults in mind - the product lookbook feature Sabine's gorgeous son Raven - the Vividgrey collection is an emotionally engaging range of modern heirloom textiles, lighting and furnishings that seeks to introduce an element of magic into everyday life. Latest additions include a range of individually hand painted cotton pillows and throws created using pure non-toxic paints in radiant ultramarine and a more muted indigo.

Selected pieces from the Vividgrey collection will be at Design Junction this week and are available to buy via the Design Junction shop curated by Clippings.

Which three words best describe the Vividgrey collection?

Magic, crafted, heirloom.

Who or what inspires you?

Sharing life with my child is my biggest inspiration and the reason for starting Vividgrey.

What is your most treasured object or piece of furniture in your own home?

Aside from irreplaceable drawings and family photographs it would be a 1930s sofa from my great grandmother that travelled cross-border after the war.

Where's your favourite place to be?

 In my workshop when I’m full of creative energy. At a poolside for relaxing.

What would you be if you weren't a designer?

 I suppose either an artist or an architect. 

What are you reading right now?

Fairy tales of all sorts to my son every night.

Which words of wisdom do you try to live by?

Do everything you can to shape your life.