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As the days grow shorter and we drift into autumn, it's impossible not to be inspired by nature's rich colour palette at this time of year.

Just as the woods and fields outside undergo a transformation as the weather turns cooler; indoors, my thoughts also begin to turn to transformation.

I love the autumn ritual of preparing the home for winter. Out come the candles and throws, recipes for favourite comfort food suppers are rediscovered and Christmas begins to loom as a deadline for completing all of the DIY and makeover projects I've been putting off all year.

While the autumn shades of orange, russet and brown are filling up my Pinterest boards this month I've also found myself inspired by Dulux's recently announced Colour of the Year for 2016, Cherished Gold.



Metallics have been a widely recurring theme in interiors for the past few years. Last year Dulux selected Copper Blush as their Colour of the Year, but this year's choice represents a shift away from copper to the gold tones I've noticed becoming increasingly popular, particularly for lighting, kitchens and bathrooms.

Cherished Gold reflects this growing use of gold and gold tones within the design world. Dulux identified it as a recurring colour and material in products presented at numerous design fairs and also within the worlds of architecture, fashion and interior design.

Introducing it as their 2016 Colour of the Year, Dulux described it as: a gold influenced ochre which is bright enough to attract attention and combines well with other tones.

Reminiscent of October leaves, creamy pumpkin soup and flickering candlelight, it evokes rustic warmth and harvest abundance, making it the perfect shade for autumn.

Warm and earthy, it will suit both period properties and more contemporary homes will work particularly well with muted sophisticated colours like midnight and soft mid-tone shades.

Dulux makes it easy to complete a decorating job because on top of the wide range of colors they offer, they guide you through each stage of the process.  If you are tempted to try it out and would like a helping hand to visualize how it will look in your own home before committing your entire weekend to a makeover, the Dulux Visualizer is a handy little app thatís designed to give you the confidence to decide whether or not a colour is right for a particular place in your home. You can download the app on iTunes or Google Play.

Happy Autumn!




All images courtesy of Dulux.

Posted in collaboration with Dulux.


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