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Christmas seems to be creeping ever closer. Over the weekend we spent some time freshening up our home, repainting the hallway and contemplating a few new accessories to pull everything together for the winter. There are a few spaces that feel a little uninspiring and I've been looking for ways to improve them on a fairly modest budget, without undertaking anything too major.

Last week I was invited to have a design consultation with Dulux ahead of the launch of their new online interior design service Amazing Space, which aims to provide homeowners with a range of inspirational ideas to enable them to transform their homes in an affordable and stress-free way. In all honesty, my initial reaction was to be a little unsure about how useful I'd find it (I already spend a lot of time looking at interiors after all), and more importantly, whether or not I'd actually like the ideas the designers proposed, but I was also intrigued to discover how the Dulux experts would approach our living space, and what someone casting a professional pair of eyes over our home would recommend. So to test out the service I booked three half hour sessions to look at three different spaces in our home - the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom.

Any hesitancy quickly evaporated when I visited the Amazing Space website. It is beautifully designed and easy and intuitive to use. You are guided through a series of steps which includes 'liking' or 'disliking' a series of spaces, and if there's something about a particular space you really like (or dislike) you can also add a few words so that the Dulux design expert can build up a better picture of your tastes and preferences and tailor their suggestions more specifically towards to them.

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Ahead of the consultation you'll also be asked to provide a few details about each of the spaces including who will be using them and how you'd like them to function, and to choose three statements that best describe your vision for each room.

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Before confirming your online appointment, the final step is to upload some 'before' pictures of the space. You'll also need to enter the dimensions so that the designer can build up an accurate floor plan and visualisation.

The video consultations were professional, fun and enjoyable and I was honestly very impressed with the whole experience. The designers had clearly understood both the layout of my home and my own personal style and taste, and came up with some really creative and interesting suggestions that I would definitely consider putting into practice.

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For the living room, we discussed creating a light, airy and calming space with delicate and tranquil accents. My Dulux design expert suggested a lovely blush colour with cool grey accents and recommended vertical feature blocks of colour to add the illusion of height, as our living room has quite a low ceiling. For the remaining walls she suggested Dulux Absolute White, as it includes light reflective particles that reflect up to twice as much light back into a space compared to their conventional emulsion paints.

You can use the service to completely redesign a space and get help with everything from the colour of the walls to curtains and blinds, creating storage and even choosing furniture and accessories, or with just a few of those elements. Basically it's up to you to decide how much or how little help you feel you need.

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I wanted to keep many of the existing elements like the sofa, the dining table and the media unit but was interested to see what recommendations the design expert would have for using colour and accessories to pull existing pieces together.

I loved the results. Here's the room visualisation I received the day after my consultation. Seeing the space transformed really made me want to bring some of the ideas to life.

Dulux Amazing Space visualisation

I also received an interactive shopping list linking to some of the items we'd discussed during the online session.

I am particularly smitten with the West Elm marble and brass side table (available from John Lewis).

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Consultations are priced at £75 per room and for that you receive: a 30 minute online video consultation with a Dulux design expert; a personalised digital style guide; an interactive shopping list and a 3D room visualisation and floor plan.

Amazing Space is an affordable solution that puts the help of an interior designer within reach for a large number of people who might not otherwise have considered using one. Although the service would definitely be helpful for homeowners who feel they don't have an eye for design, it will also be useful for those who do know what they like and/or want, but are looking for additional ideas and inspiration as well as professional guidance on how to pull a look together.

I was impressed by both the professionalism of the design consultants and the level of personalisation they offered, and have already recommended the service to friends and family members who are thinking of redecorating. It's perfect for anyone in need of a helping hand with doing up the spare room or giving their dining room a quick makeover before welcoming guests for Christmas, as well as for bigger projects planned for the new year.

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Photography by Design Hunter and posted in collaboration with Dulux.

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