Club des Chefs Canapés | Lime Meringue with Mojito Mint Gelée

Lime Meringue with Mojito Mint Gelée | Design Hunter & Samsung Club des Chefs

I'll preface this post by saying that I'm not normally in the habit of making canapés, but I surpassed myself with these. When Samsung invited me to make one of their Club des Chefs recipes by leading New York based chef Daniel Boulud, in all honesty my initial reaction was that I might be attempting to punch above my weight. While I'm an averagely competent home cook I usually shy away from anything too fiddly. Knocking up a plate of dessert canapés to the recipe of a renowned 3-Michelin-starred chef certainly isn't an average Saturday afternoon activity for me. I do however like a cocktail... or two, and I figured that even if they turned out horribly wrong, it would at least be a good excuse to indulge in a couple of Mojitos.

Cooking is always much more fun as a sociable activity with friends gathered around, and my good friend Nicolette joined me to help whip up both the meringues and the accompanying cocktails.

Limes for Mojitos | Design Hunter

The geleé is made with pure lime juice and fresh mint leaves combined with white rum and sugar. This is brought to a simmer and then left to infuse before gelatin is added. The flavour is intense and quite delicious. There was lots of 'testing' along the way and of course the leftover limes and mint provided the perfect opportunity for getting out the cocktail shaker.

Meringue ready for the oven | Design Hunter

I never make meringues, but these turned out like an absolute dream.

Food for me is an expression of love. It doesn't have to be fancy of complicated, but if I am inviting friends and family into my home I always try to make them feel welcome by ensuring that everyone's glass is topped up and that there is plenty to eat. We all lead incredibly busy lives and rarely take enough time to gather together, so I want my guests to feel valued and to know that I appreciate the fact that they took the time to come round and visit. Who doesn't like to feel looked after?

It's also about creating memories. Long after the gifts have been unwrapped and forgotten about, it's the memories of gathering together and eating and drinking with loved ones that often stay with us, so I'm happy to go to a little extra effort every now and then.

If you are looking to make something special for a festive party this Christmas you'll find this recipe, along with lots of others, over on the Samsung Club des Chefs website.

Party Canapes | Lime Meringue with Mojito Mint Gelée

Photography by Design Hunter & posted in collaboration with Samsung Home Appliances