Styling Muji's new shelving collection


Design Hunter has always reflected my love of understated, modern, enduring design, and one of the brands I've long admired, although amazingly I don't think I've ever featured them before, is Muji. I can often be found jotting down scribblings in their kraft notebooks and over the years I've accumulated a large collection of their acrylic storage boxes which I use to keep my jewellery, make-up, beauty products and various other things in order. So when I was offered a first look at their new shelving collection I jumped at the chance to style a few of the pieces for today's post.

Muji's appeal has always been rooted in the company's 'no-brand' philosophy and in the inherent simplicity and minimalism of their designs, which are often based on the selection and appreciation of materials. The new shelving collection is no exception.

Available in either natural or dark wood and in a choice of two lengths, the understated pieces easily fit into the fabric of your home and are also very versatile. The shelves, boxes and beams hook simply onto wall brackets, and because the fixings on which they are mounted are the same distance apart on each one, the different pieces in the collection can be easily swapped around. So if you get bored of one configuration you can easily swap a shelf for a box or a wall beam (or vice versa). They are also incredibly easy to fit.

Here's a little Spring inspired style story I shot in our kitchen, but any of these pieces would work just as well in other rooms of the house.

I really liked the wall beam, a thin shelf with a lip on the front edge designed to allow you to display cards, pictures or notes. Although I've installed it here in the kitchen I'm thinking of also adding a few of these above my desk in the office as they'd be perfect for displaying moodboard inspirations. The wall box is perfectly sized for storing paperbacks, or you could perhaps create a shelf vignette with a few of your favourite objects as I've done above with a group of pieces by Emma Clegg and Elisabeth Barry from my collection of hand thrown ceramics.

Muji shelf styling Design Hunter
Muji shelf styling by Design Hunter
Muji shelf styling Design Hunter

Posted in collaboration with Muji.