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On average we spend a third of our lives in bed. A restorative night's sleep is essential to our well being, so a good mattress is probably one of the most important purchases we make for our home.

When I was choosing one for our bed a few months ago I found the whole process much more difficult than I'd anticipated. A mattress, perhaps more than any other item, is something you really do need to try before you buy. I tested out quite a few before deciding, but the problem is of course that you are only able to try them out briefly in store and it's hard to avoid feeling self conscious in front of other shoppers and perhaps also slightly pressurised, however helpful and well-intentioned the sales advisers are. This obviously isn't ideal when you're considering such a large purchase. Wouldn't it be great if when buying a new mattress you could test it out at home first?

Enter Eve mattress, whose stated aim, alongside making comfortable mattresses designed and engineered in the UK, is to offer a more straightforward and pleasurable buying experience. Their key point of difference though is that they offer a 100 day at home trial or 'sleepover'.

Eve asked if I'd be interested in helping them tell their story, so I spoke to James Fryer, the company's Head of Product to find out more.

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How did the Eve mattress story begin?

As a team we've been involved in selling mattresses online for a few years and have sold over 75,000 in 18 countries with a previous company. As you can imagine we learnt a lot in this time about what consumers want when it comes to buying a mattress and we went through a process of testing and refining the product during this period. Eve was born out of this. We wanted to create the perfect mattress and offer a purchasing experience that was unique and easy - our guiding principle being 'simply beautiful and beautifully simple'.

What makes you different?

If you look at other companies in this space you'll notice a lot of similarities between them all: mattresses are over-priced, the product offering is complex, there's a lack of clarity around the components used and the encumbent brands are tired and archaic. We created Eve to challenge all of this. We offer one amazing product, a purchasing trial and a returns process that's super user-friendly; all supported by a brand that is vibrant and aspirational!

A mattress in a box seems like a new concept. What are the main benefits?

The main benefits are around transportation for us, and to make it easy to get the mattress into our customer's bedrooms. We also saw it as an exciting opportunity for our talented designers. They use the box as a canvas for their creative outlet and the result is incredible! Every element of the product was important to us and we even obsessed over the parts that the consumer may never see - from the inside of the mattress to the beautiful sleep related quotes inside the box itself.

Eve mattress | Design Hunter

A 100 day trial and 10 year guarantee sounds very generous...

For us the customer experience is just as important as the product. We believe the only way you can know if a mattress is right for you is by sleeping on it, so that's why we introduced the 100 day trial. We started off by creating the perfect mattress, but then of course, if for any reason someone isn't happy, we'll collect and provide a full refund, no questions asked. I think this makes us unique.

Eve mattress

How did you guys meet and who does what?

We were all friends for years before going into business together over four years ago. Joe is in charge of operations and customer experience, Jas is the CEO, and I'm responsible for product development. Kuba is the creative of the group, in charge of our brand.

So what's your company HQ like then?

Right now it's a hive of activity. We've received a lot of press and Eve has taken off like a rocket, but we wouldn't want it any other way!

Are any of you ever tempted to take a quick power nap? All in the name of product testing of course!

Well, we do have an Eve in the office, but ironically for us owning a mattress company, we are so excited about this brand and where it is heading we can hardly sleep! We do however, end up having a lot of meetings on the Eve!

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Posted in collaboration with Eve.

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