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Samsung SE790C curved monitor | Design Hunter

For anyone who works from home and spends as much time at their desk as I do, having a well set up office space is a must. I value anything that helps make my working day more efficient or productive. When I first started blogging I worked from the sofa on my laptop, but because I now work on Design Hunter full time and spend a lot of time processing images, for the past couple of years I've preferred to work on a larger screen at a desk.

Samsung recently invited me to try out their latest multipurpose curved LED monitor, the SE790C, so for the past few weeks I've been testing it out with a variety of Design Hunter related tasks and activities to see how it handles the kind of busy digitally based work/life balance that many of us find ourselves living these days.

For example, I compiled this post using it, watched TV and downloaded films using it kept, and even kept one eye on social media updates whilst the other was on emails. With the monitor's 'Picture-By-Picture' feature it's easy to do this because you can view two input sources on the same screen. This allows you to multi-task, and is particularly useful if I want to keep a sneaky eye on the tennis (always a distraction for me at this time of year) when I really should be working.

Samsung SE790C curved monitor | Design Hunter
Samsung SE790C curved monitor | Design Hunter

It's just as easy to plug into a Sky box or DVD player, and with its minimal unobtrusive styling it fits seamlessly into the living room as well as the office. We've watched a variety of programmes and films on it and enjoyed the widescreen HD experience it offers. Stereo sound comes as standard through its built in speakers, along with the ability to plug in a more powerful sound system if you prefer. It's also particularly well suited to gaming.

The ultra wide 34” curved screen, with a 178° viewing angle and cinematic aspect ratio is certainly immersive, complementing the user's natural viewing radius to suit a more focused engagement. Being curved also means its less susceptible to reflective glare from our home’s huge sunny windows when compared with my previous flat screen.

In short, if you're considering a quality screen that can service a variety of viewing needs, then the Samsung SE790C certainly offers a great deal of flexibility to suit the occasion.

Samsung SE790C curved monitor | Design  Hunter