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Stone ethanol bio fire | Urban Icon

With the oncoming summer days very much on my mind at the moment, I am sure that I'm not the only one looking forward to putting my feet up and enjoying the garden again. Mr P and I have been busy redesigning ours in readiness, with new architectural features and planting going in for 2015. 

Of course, even the warmest days can often turn into cooler nights, and rather than wrapping up with woolly jumpers and blankets, or reluctantly going back indoors to find warmth, outdoor heating is a viable option for those who wish to while away those extra al fresco hours and extend the joy of being outdoors.

These garden bio fires by Urban Icon are particularly appealing if, like me, you don't relish the idea of an ugly 'appliance' spoiling the serenity of your garden design.

Concrete bio fire by Urban Icon | Design Hunter

Sculptural and minimal, they offer a range of stylish low level or raised designs for sitting or standing around - ideal for creating intimate social spaces in your garden.

They burn ethanol fuel vapours, so there's no antisocial smoke or smell to spoil the experience, and they'll typically burn for up to 4 hours, so plenty of time for tapas or that extra Pimms. Refilling the reservoir is easy enough too, with a measuring cup and funnel supplied to ensure you only need to put in as much ethanol that you want. Safety is taken care with through electronic ignition & sensors, along with flame regulation and an extinguisher tool. Also there's no awkward installation required, so the units are fully portable to move to wherever you choose as appropriate.

Perfect for ensuring your garden really is that 'other room'... night or day.

Totem ethanol bio fire | Urban Icon
Bubble commerce bio fire by Urban Icon | Deisgn Hunter

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