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Crisp white cotton sheets or French linen - which do you prefer?

I've always gravitated towards cotton (the higher the thread count the better), but I love all those dreamy Sunday morning Instagram and Pinterest shots of softly crumpled French linen. It just looks so relaxed and effortless. I mean who really wants to have to iron their bed linen?

Soak and Sleep recently sent me some of their 100% pure French bed linen to try out, and one week in I think I'm a convert. It feels so nice to sleep in, especially now that the weather is finally showing signs of turning a little warmer. It was a lovely treat to come home to when we returned from holiday - although we were lucky enough to stay at a couple of wonderful hotels there is nothing quite like the feeling of being back home in your own bed.

Made using the finest natural flax, sourced from the Nieppe region on the French Belgian border it's available in white, grey, soft blue or charcoal. There's also a pretty soft pink floral version, which I secretly quite liked, but which Mr P was never going to allow.

I have been toying with the idea of adding the palest hint of blush pink somewhere in the bedroom though. It works so beautifully against dark greys and inky blues, don't you think?

Watch this space...

Images: Design Hunter

Images: Design Hunter