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Sleep is where we rest from the stresses and strains of living, from our daily journey through life. That we spend around a third of our lives in bed is a frequently cited statistic, but how much do we really know about our sleep? Are you someone who regularly sleeps soundly for 8 hours a night or do you frequently wake up still feeling tired? Do you know how well you slept last night? Have you ever considered whether or not it might be possible to improve the quality of your sleep?

Samsung research partner Dr Christos Mantzoros is a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He identifies 3 important factors that regulate our metabolism and the internal functions of our body that keep us healthy: how much we eat and drink; how and how much we exercise; and how much and how well we sleep.

“Many of us take these factors for granted” says Dr Mantzoros. “Most people don’t consider whether they can improve their sleep, let alone how they can improve it.”

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Earlier this month Samsung announced Sleepsense, a new personal healthcare device designed to help us understand our sleeps patterns and learn how to improve the quality of our sleep.

In essence, it’s a flat disc with a contactless sensor that you slip under your mattress. Without touching any part of your body it senses your body movement, your respiratory rate and your heart rate to map the quantity and quality of sleep you get each night, delivering data accuracy of up to 97%. Then in the morning it gives you a report through the sleep sense app on your smartphone, providing a sleep score mapped against the average for your age and offering personalised tips and recommendations from a sleep expert.

Samsung Sleepsense

But Sleepsense doesn’t only monitor your sleep patterns. By connecting to other devices such as your TV,  audio system or thermostat via Samsung's new SmartThings hub, which went on sale in the UK earlier this month, it also helps create the best environment for both falling asleep and staying asleep. For example, it will dim the lights and turn off the TV if you accidentally fall asleep while watching your favourite box set in bed and can also control the temperature in the room while you sleep.

If you hate being rudely awakened from a deep sleep in the morning by your alarm clock the Samsung Sleepsense will rouse you gradually by analysing data collected from your sleep cycle and then determining the optimum time to wake you up. It will even draw the curtains and switch on your coffee machine! So no more dazed and irritable starts to the day.

If all this sounds like something out of a sci-fi film it isn’t. The device, unveiled by Samsung at IFA in Berlin, is just one of a number of products at the heart of Samsung’s commitment to developing an internet of things that is driven not by technology but in response to people’s needs and expectations, and designed to blend effortlessly into our everyday lives.

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Design Hunter is a brand ambassador for Samsung Home Appliances and this post is published in collaboration with Samsung.