A January Survival Kit

January Survival Kit | Design Hunter

If you've been anywhere near a newspaper this morning you'll know that today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

While January isn't my favourite month, over the years I've found ways of embracing this time of year - Spring is only just around the corner after all.

For me January is all about looking ahead and making plans: plans for new home projects; plans for the garden and plans for Summer holidays. It helps if you have a little short break to look forward to too, so we are heading off to the Lake District for a few days early next month.

January is also a month when I know that I need to nudge myself to get outside regularly for plenty of fresh air and exercise - usually an early morning walk over the fields with the dog or a game of tennis (I've never really enjoyed running).

But alongside all of the above, it's a month when I like to cut myself a little slack and allow myself to just cosy up at home in the evenings. I cook comforting soups and casseroles, take lots of long hot baths (with all the lovely bathtime treats I received for Christmas) and lounge around in my PJs, snuggling up with the whippet under his favourite Alpaca blanket.

The White Company sent me over a box of lovely winter treats a little while ago, so here's how I'll be cosying up this evening. If you share my love of Winter hibernation, then their cashmere bed socks are quite possibly the most essential item of clothing you need to have in your wardrobe this month.

Sometimes it's the little things....

January Survival Kit | Design Hunter
January Survival Kit | Design Hunter

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