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Here's an interesting new design concept from husband and wife team John Nussey and Avril O'Neil. They recently got in touch to tell me about their new smart home product Ding which launches today on Kickstarter and I immediately thought it sounded like a really useful and seemingly simple idea that so many of us could benefit from.

Essentially it's a clever little doorbell, chime and app combo that turns your phone into an intercom wherever you are, ensuring that you never miss answering your front door again. It's made up of three key elements - a minimally styled doorbell button, a chime that sits within your home and a free smartphone app. When someone presses the doorbell the chime dings and also places a voice call through the Ding smartphone app, allowing you to talk to the person at the door from anywhere.

I can think of multiple reasons why this might be really useful. I receive lots of deliveries at home and it can be frustrating to have to wait in for them if I don't know what time they'll be arriving. It would be great to know that I could speak to the delivery driver and ask them to leave parcels in a safe place or with a neighbour if I've had to nip out on an errand as chasing up missed packages can be quite time consuming.

If you often spend time in the garden you could use the app to ensure that you don't miss any visitors who happen to pop round, and for those with young children I imagine it would be really useful to know that you can turn the doorbell chime off and choose to receive quieter alerts on your phone instead, ensuring that you are available to answer the door without having to worry about waking up sleeping little ones.

Designed to fit harmoniously into the home the chime is finished in a high quality fabric and can either be wall mounted or placed on any flat surface. The product is initially being offered in charcoal grey but Kickstarter backers can also vote on a limited edition colour option of teal, cobalt or salmon.

John and Avril are currently seeking backers to take Ding into production and you can view their Kickstarter campaign here.

Ding Smart Doorbell
Ding Smart Doorbell
Ding Smart Doorbell

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