Stylish kitchen solutions from Brabantia

Brabantia kitchen styling by Design Hunter

Stylish storage solutions aren't just for treasured possessions and objects we keep long term - there's an abundance of them available for more transient everyday things like food and waste too. As an interiors obsessive I pay a lot of attention to the design details in our home right down to even the most basic and functional of products. Kitchen items like bins may not seem particularly glamorous, but products that both do the job effectively and look good can make household chores just that little bit easier. It's all about managing 'stuff' as it comes into and then goes out of our lives.

I've always really liked the style and quality of Brabantia products - I've used their bins for years - and today I wanted to share a few items from their current range that I've recently incorporated into our kitchen. 

Kitchen Shelves
Brabantia kitchen styling by Design Hunter

The first product I chose was this elegant white touch bin. It's a stylish and unobtrusive design that will fit easily into clean, minimal interiors. Brabantia make bins in a wide range of different colour options so you can choose one to colour co-ordinate with your home, which in my case of course means black and white! (It was a tough call to pass up on this lovely clay pink version though.) I love the contrast of the black 'piping' detail around the rim and the lid opens and closes with a lovely soft touch mechanism that is satisfying slow and silent - I can obsess about little things like that. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

It's really easy to fill, empty and clean and you can fix the liners neatly out of sight so that they don't spill out over the edge of the bin. Brabantia bin liners are great quality so if you hate struggling with cheap bags that have a tendency to split these are definitely worth paying a little more for. They fit perfectly and have an integrated tie tape, so it's easy to lift them out out and tie them up when you need to carry them outside.

Kitchen shelves | Design Hunter

I also chose a bread bin in the same white finish. It has a drop front which makes opening and closing it really quick and easy and the flat top effectively creates a shelf that you can use for storage jars or other kitchen items. I've discovered that it's also the perfect size for using as a cookbook rest if you want to keep your favourite cookbook open at a recipe while preparing food.

It's fair to say that when it comes to colour in the home I'm probably more restrained than most. This is particularly true in the kitchen where I'm mostly drawn to black and white. I've tried to break out of monochrome mode and introduce a few hints of colour though - just the tiniest touch of pink here and there and a splash of blue in the form of this compact and easily portable recycling bin for compostable waste. You don't always have to paint an entire wall to introduce colour into a space - a few accents here and there can be very satisfying. I've taken lots of inspiration from the gorgeous colour palettes and interior styling in the latest Brabantia lookbook which is full of beautiful images, many of which have already found their way onto my Pinterest boards, and you can view the Brabantia #LoveColour range here.

Brabantia recycling bin
The Kinfolk Table
Brabantia styling by Design Hunter

Styling & photography by Design Hunter in collaboration with Brabantia.

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