10 ways to embrace Hygge this winter

French Connection sofa DFS

From 'How to Hygge' to 'The Little Book of Hygge' and a host of other titles, this autumn has seen the publication of a whole swathe of books on the subject of Hygge. It seems I can hardly open a magazine, check my inbox or even glance at my social feeds at the moment without coming across some mention of it.

It's a concept that has perhaps become a little faddish, but the truth is I pretty much live by the principles of hygge most days without even thinking about it. It's entwined in almost every element of my life at this time of year and the idea of the home as a restorative place is a theme that runs through many of the posts I write here on Design Hunter.

I am most definitely a homebody. When I worked in a job that made me miserable home was my sanctuary, it was the place I longed to retreat to at the end of the day. And now that I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home, and to even write about homes and interiors for a living, it's still the place where I'm happiest. Much as I enjoy socialising and love meeting fellow bloggers I rarely suffer from fear of missing out if I have to turn down an invitation to a party or event. The truth is there's often nowhere I'd rather be than curled up on the sofa at home with Graham and Albert.

So as the clocks go back this weekend and the nights start to draw in towards winter I've teamed up with DFS to style this lovely Flint sofa and show how I bring hygge to life in our home.

Hygge to me is about inviting friends and family into my home and creating a warm and cosy environment in which they feel welcome and at ease. It's also about creating little moments of ritual and celebration that enrich our everyday lives and enhance our well-being - making time to set the table properly for dinner each night, and always eating by candlelight for example, or settling down to watch Netflix tucked under a soft, cosy throw with a sleeping whippet tucked under my arm.

Here are 10 ways to embrace hygge this winter.

French Connection DFS sofa | Design Hunter


Although Christmas is traditionally the time when we bring armfuls of greenery into our homes, I also like to bring a little scented foliage indoors during the autumn months. Nothing beats the scent of fresh eucalyptus and I often pick up a bunch from my local greengrocers at this time of year.


2. Eat dinner by candlelight

It's a simple ritual, but one that creates a sense of occasion. It also encourages us to be fully present, signalling that it's time to switch off the TV, put aside our phones and give our undivided attention to the people we are sitting down to eat with.


3.Invest in a new sofa

Hygge for me is all about putting my feet up and having a cosy night in, so a large comfortable sofa like the Flint 4 seater sofa from the French Connection range at DFS is a must. I love the soft shade of dusty blue - a close match for the 2017 colour of the year Denim Drift - and the elegant wooden legs which lend a lightness to the design. Pale blue isn't necessarily a practical option for everyone but it's available in other shades too. Or for a leather option the classic Danish mid-century style of this tan leather sofa also caught my eye.

Sofa and throw
French Connection DFS sofa | Design Hunter
Georg Jensen Urkiola candleholder

4. Take a lazy bath & then slip into your favourite pjs & cashmere bedsocks

Is there anything more hygge than cashmere?



The Swedes even have a word for it - fika.


6. Create a cosy atmosphere with layers of lighting

Use a combination of tea lights, table lamps, scented candles and soft mood lighting to build up different layers of lighting. As well as illuminating different areas of a space this will also add warmth and ambience.



Set aside some time to gather and feast with those closest to you. Sometimes life gets in the way and we forget what's most important. 

Hot chocolate and cashmere socks
French Connection sofa DFS
Pale blue sofa and vase of eucalyptus

8. Have a Netflix night in

We're half way through Narcos at the moment. Any tips on what we should watch next?


9. Enjoy a hot chocolate drink at bedtime

Choose a favourite mug and make it an occasional treat to look forward to.


10. Book a weekend away in the country

Late autumn is the perfect time for a short break in the country. It's low season so there are plenty of bargains to be snapped up and nothing beats the feeling of returning home from a country walk to settle down in front of a roaring fire.

How do you hygge?

Hot chocolate
Hay throw and pictures
Urkiola candleholder by Patricia Urquiola for Georg Jensen

Styling and photography by Design Hunter in collaboration with DFS.