10 of the best... scented candles for Autumn & Winter

Autumn Signature Candle by The White Company and white pumpkin

Scented candles are among my favourite things to both give and receive as gifts. Although I use them all year round, I especially love them during the darker winter months when they can really set the scene for the evening, making the home feel warm, cosy and inviting.

Lighting a candle at that late afternoon moment when the light starts to fade is something of an autumn ritual for me, but I also love to use different scents to define the mood for different activities around the home at other times during the day - a morning in the office, an afternoon tea party with friends, or a relaxing bath and pamper session.

Here are 10 scented candles I've recently tried, tested and enjoyed.


1. Cocolux Grapefruit & Lemongrass candle

Packaged in a beautiful leaf print box, this one comes in a beautiful handcrafted copper vessel. The cool, fresh, citrusy fragrances of grapefruit and lemongrass are tempered by warmer notes of coconut. It's a spirited and energetic scent that will lift your spirits and invigorate your surroundings.

Best for... kickstarting your day. Light it on your desk as the perfect antidote to those back-to-work blues on a cold, dark Monday morning.

Cocolux grapefruit & lemongrass copper candle - £36


2. Autumn candle by The White Company

The White Company's Autumn Signature candle will infuse your home with the sweet fresh aroma of autumn fruits. The soft warm blend of pear, quince and apricot (with a hint of musk and amber) had me reaching for my cookbooks to dig out recipes for poached pears and quince jelly.

Best for... an early evening soak in the bath after a long country walk crunching through leaves.

Autumn candle by The White Company - £20


Tasine votive candle
One rainy wish votive candle

3. One Rainy wish by Tatine

With an indulgent rock 'n' roll spirit this sensual candle from the 'Tisane' collection by Tatine presents a lyrical interpretation of memories, moments, music and emotions - all hand wrapped in beautiful packaging. The Chicago based brand is available in the UK from Curious Egg.

Best for... enjoying with the crackle of a needle on an old record.

One Rainy Wish candle by Tatine - £24


Urban Reivers Crofter scented candle

4. Crofter Scented Candle by Urban Reivers

Handmade in Ayrshire this peat scented candle is from the BIDE collection by Urban Reivers - an accessories and homeware range that connects with the fabric of Scotland's landscape, culture and craftsmanship. Offering a feast for the senses with a nod to the past it comes in a hand-crafted ceramic pot that emits a soft warm glow as the wax burns down, and is enticingly presented in a robust wooden box. The wooden wick crackles as it burns to evoke the sound and smell of a traditional open fire in the Highlands and Islands. The lovely tactile pot, which would enhance any interior, is re-usable, making this a gift that will still be appreciated long after the candle has been used up.

One of the most beautiful of all the candles I tested, and definitely a favourite with me.

Best for... evoking a sense of the Highlands while enjoying a glass of Scotch.

Crofter scented candle by Urban Reivers - £95


Molton Brown coco and sandalwood scented candle

5. Coco & Sandalwood scented candle by Molton Brown

Less obviously seasonal than some of the others, I've included this one because it's probably my favourite scent from the Molton Brown collection. I'm slightly addicted to this fragrance - there's something very sensual and comforting about it - and I love the minimal white glass jar.

Best for... beautiful bedrooms with clean white sheets.

Coco & sandalwood scented candle by Molton Brown - £36


Orange and clove scented candle by Amara

6. Orange & Clove scented candle by Amara

The warm, spicy scent of Amara's orange and clove scented candle is elegant, sophisticated and welcoming. This intoxicating fragrance is one of my absolute favourites for dark winter days.

Best for... setting the mood for an early evening cocktail party or an elegant afternoon tea with friends.

Orange & Clove scented candle by Amara - £30


Pagoda Garden scented candle by Soak & Sleep


Hand poured in Surrey, Soak and Sleep's Pagoda Garden candle has elegant oriental notes of refreshing green tea, zesty lime and calming bergamot designed to help you destress and unwind.

Best for... serene living rooms and soothing bathrooms.

Pagoda Garden candle by Soak & Sleep - £15


Anise Patchouli Version Originale candle by Compagnie de Provence

8. Anise Patchouli Version Originale candle by Compagnie de Provence

This is my favourite candle from the Version Originale range by Compagnie de Provence which also includes 'Black Jasmine' and 'Incense Lavender'. Sensual patchouli and spicy star anise make this a heady, exotic fragrance. I'm also a fan of the hand cream from the same collection.

Best for... uplifting, calming and grounding - Patchouli is thought to have a balancing effect on the emotions.

Anis Patchouli Version Originale candle by Compagnie de Provence - £25


Fornasetti Architettura candle

9. Fornasetti Archittetura Candle

This is one of the more expensive options, but the beautiful Fornasetti jar is a covetable object in its own right - I'm eyeing up another and contemplating starting a collection. Plus the candle quality is among the best I've come across. It's slow burning, richly scented and lasts for ages.

Fornasetti's signature Otto fragrance has a lovely leathery, woody fragrance - quite masculine and perfect for the cold, darker months.

Best for... creating a luxurious, sophisticated mood when inviting friends over for drinks.

Fornasetti scented candle - £115


Winter spices - orange, cloves and cinammon
Winter candle by The White Company


With its classic wintry notes of cinammon, clove and orange this is basically the scent of Christmas. Warm, spicy and inviting it creates the perfect mood for the festive season.

Best for... cosying up with on Christmas Day. 

Winter candle by The White Company - £20