The YKK zip showroom in Shoreditch

YKK zippers | Disegno magazine

To mark the first anniversary of the opening of their Shoreditch showroom, zip manufacturer YKK collaborated with Disegno Magazine who have created a short documentary style film revealing the unique interior architecture and design of the space. Produced by Shuffle the film conveys the sleek anonymous beauty of the showroom whilst also communicating how its design is intended to facilitate engagement with customers.

The space was designed by Kei Kagami, a Japanese fashion designer and creative advisor to YKK who originally trained as an architect before relocating to London to study fashion at Central Saint Martins. Drawing inspiration from the raw, industrial aesthetic of metal factories the space accommodates a carefully curated selection of YKK products. Zips are hung on wall mounted strips of metal hidden behind perforated screens which can be drawn back to reveal different collections, while other products are displayed in glass and metal cabinets suspended from the ceiling.

YKK is the world's largest manufacturer of zips, snaps and other fastening products. The Shoreditch showroom - which operates as a retail space as well as a showroom for the company - was designed to make their products accessible to fashion designers, makers and students who typically need to buy them in small quantities. This helps to facilitate small batch production, removing the minimum order size which can often be an obstacle to emerging designers, both creatively and financially.

YKK connected Disegno with Dalston based fashion designer Martina Spetlova - one of the local designers who uses the showroom regularly to source zips for her latest designs. "I work with small quantities and it is very hard to find suppliers that are reliable, and have been on the market for a long time, that would accommodate small numbers," says Spetlova. "What is fantastic about the YKK showroom is that I can order one zip if I need to."

YKK zippers | Disegno magazine
YKK zippers | Disegno magazine
YKK zippers | Disegno Magazine
YKK zippers | Disegno magazine

The YKK Showroom is at 154 Commercial Street, Shoreditch, London.

Images courtesy of Disegno & film production by Shuffle.

Posted in collaboration with Disegno.

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