Working from home | A checklist for a modern minimal office

Desktop with coffee and Jake Dyson lamp

After a fresh coat of paint and an epic Kon Mari session my office makeover is finally almost complete. I'm still in search of the perfect pendant light and am also on the hunt for some new artwork for the walls, but here's how things are looking so far.

I'd started to feel overwhelmed with 'stuff' in my home office. Over the years my design tastes have changed and a large collection of mid-century glass and ceramics I no longer wanted was taking up much of the shelf space. These pieces went off to my local auction house to be sold. I also got rid of stacks of old interior magazines and put some of the books I couldn't quite bear to part with into storage. 

There's nothing like a good de-cluttering session to focus your mind on what you really need on a day to day basis, so I set about compiling a list of the things I really wanted in my updated, and much more minimal, new office space - things that would make working from home both easier and more pleasant.

Here's what I came up with:

Jake Dyson desk lamp

A good office chair

This was top of my list. I spend a lot of time working at my desk and although I try to take regular breaks for exercise I'd started to experience back pain so I decided to invest the proceeds from the sale of all my unwanted stuff in the best office chair I could afford. After a lot of research I opted for the Vitra ID chair by Antonio Citterio. As you would expect from Vitra the quality is superb and multiple adjustment options ensure that I've been able to tailor it to exactly suit my height and body shape for maximum comfort. Many office chairs have a bulky profile that can easily dominate a small space but with its slender backrest and quilted upholstery the ID chair feels elegant and luxurious. It was definitely an investment purchase, but worth it. 


A well proportioned DESK

Again, I wanted something that wouldn't dominate the room. With its clean lines, minimal design and slender proportions the Graphix desk from MADE fits in perfectly. 

Jake Dyson desk lamp


Efficient Task Lighting

The CSYS desk lamp* by Jake Dyson is another new addition. Beautifully functional it emits the perfect level of light onto my desktop - the colour temperature is designed to simulate the evening sun - and has completely changed the mood of my workspace. It has a three axis glide motion which allows you to position it exactly where it is required with an easy fingertip adjustment and the LEDS are hidden from your line of sight so there's no unpleasant glare.

Best of all though is the precision dimming feature which is a joy to use. It's touch sensitive so you can easily adjust it to the exact level of light you need. The dimmer even has a memory, so when you switch the light back on it remembers how you left it and is always adjusted to your preference.

display space

Recently I've found myself increasingly using my office space as a studio for styling projects, photoshoots and Instagram, so I also wanted the surfaces and walls to be a blank canvas that I can easily change around to create different backdrops or inspiration boards depending on what I'm currently working on.

After blowing most of my budget on the office chair I couldn't afford to splash out on expensive shelving units, but I also realised that I no longer needed as much shelving after getting rid of all my unwanted stuff, so I opted for these simple picture rails from Ikea instead.

Office shelf styling


The finishing touches are important. I try to make the time I spend working from home as enjoyable as possible with little everyday luxuries and love to use scented candles in my office. Not pictured, but currently on my desk is the Grapefruit and Lemongrass candle from Cocolux.

And when it's time for a tea or coffee break I take great pleasure in using the Arris tea cups* I received from Wedgwood. I don't believe in saving things for 'best'!

What's on your list of home office essentials?

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