Weekend Style | 5 minimal monochrome wardrobe essentials

Weekend Style | My 5 minimal monochrome wardrobe essentials

If I had to sum up my approach to fashion in three words it would be 'cost-per-wear' - a mantra I've invoked on countless occasions in order to justify the purchase of 'investment' pieces.

As I neared the end of my 30s I struggled with clothes a lot. I knew that the things I once wore no longer really suited me, but it took me quite a long time to work out how I wanted to dress in my 40s, and beyond. Returning home from a shopping trip last week I realised that I'm finally pretty comfortable with my 40 something style. In fact I'm perhaps enjoying fashion more than I've ever done. I've finally figured out what I enjoy wearing!

These days I rarely succumb to impulse buys. My seasonal wardrobe updates are often researched and planned, sometimes weeks in advance - the abundance of inspiration available on Pinterest and Instagram means that it's now easier than ever to be well informed about what's out there. I usually apply the same formula - picking out a few key seasonal pieces, an investment buy (a coat or a bag perhaps, or a pair of sunglasses), and some affordable basics. And because I've honed my purchasing decisions to reflect my obsession with cost-per-wear I feel I can justify spending a little more on the investment pieces every now and then.

Here are 5 things I'll be wearing this weekend. All of these have amply earned their keep on a cost-per-wear basis because, unlike those ridiculous party shoes my younger self would once have impulsively bought, they are things I pull out of my wardrobe time and time again.

Mansur Gavriel black crossbody bag

The Cross Body Bag

Whether I am out and about at events or just walking the dog I love the practicality of a 'hands free' cross body bag. With its easy minimalism this saddle shaped bag from Mansur Gavriel is perfect for combining with everyday separates.

Grey cashmere sweater


This one has seen me through two winters already, and I have others in my wardrobe that have lasted even longer, which aside from the fact that it feels so lovely is sort of the point with cashmere - you know that it will last. There's always room for one more cashmere sweater in my wardrobe and I currently have my eye on this slightly slouchy version by Equipment and this turtleneck one.

White leather sneakers | Gant Rugger

The White Leather Sneakers

Perfectly minimal and with just the most discrete of logos on the heel, these are from Gant. I'm currently coveting several items from their SS16 collection including the preppy sweatshirts and this summery shirtdress.

Chi and Chi Polygon watch

The Watch

My watch is the Chi and Chi Polygon from Twisted Time. With its bright white face and faceted geometry its minimal but eye catching, and the soft calfskin strap ensures that it's comfortable and easy to wear.

Celine sunglasses

The Sunglasses

My sunglasses are by Celine (similar here). I love how the right pair of sunglasses can elevate even the most basic of outfits. More than a new coat or even a bag, they are the one item in my wardrobe I always feel I can justify splurging on. 

Minimal monochrome wardrobe essentials

Are you an impulse shopper or do you plan and justify wardrobe updates on a cost-per-wear basis too?