A pampering spa break at Pennyhill Park with Tempur

Tea in bed

Sleep and wellness are inextricably linked. For me, ensuring that I get a good night's sleep is as important as making sure that I eat well and exercise regularly. While controlling environmental factors like temperature, light and noise levels can help, I've found that making little adjustments to my bedtime routine also makes a difference - having a relaxing bath or banishing tech from the bedroom and instead settling down with a good book, for example. Ultimately however it's often what we sleep on that has most impact on the quality of our sleep, so when Tempur got in touch and invited Mr P and I to enjoy a night away at Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa so that we could indulge in a little pampering whilst also discovering what it's like to sleep on one of their incredibly comfortable mattresses we jumped at the chance.

Pennyhill Park
Pennyhill Park

Trying out the bed is always one of the first things I do whenever I check into a hotel room. I'd never actually slept on a memory foam mattress before so when we arrived at Pennyhill Park and were shown to our room I was really keen to put it to the test straight away. I could easily have settled down for a quick snooze.

First however, there was the Spa to enjoy.

Spa at Pennyhill Park

...and the spa facilities at Pennyhill Park are certainly impressive. There are no less than 8 indoor and outdoor pools, including a 25 metre indoor pool with underwater music and an 18 metre heated outdoor pool. I love to swim so I was quite literally in my element. There's also an indoor to outdoor hydrotherapy pool and there are several open air hot tubs complete with bubble loungers.

Mobile phone use is discouraged in and around the pool and treatment areas so I didn't take any pictures of the spa. Although not everyone seemed to be observing this etiquette I was only too happy to leave mine behind as I slipped into my robe and swimming costume, descended the marble staircase down to the spa area and submerged myself in the large indoor pool for a few leisurely lengths. The mood poolside is definitely geared more towards relaxation than exercise, so I had the pool almost entirely to myself.

After we'd finished immersing ourselves in the various different pools and tried out several of the herbal steam rooms and saunas we eased ourselves onto the gently heated ceramic couches in the tepidarium. The tiled beds are shaped to the contours of your body and it's a pleasantly warming and de-stressing experience. We happily lay there for an hour or so reading the Sunday papers and were feeling decidedly relaxed when we finally headed back up to our room to get ready for dinner.

Staircase at Pennyhill Park

I don't always sleep well in hotels. The combination of unfamiliar surroundings plus the fact that I've perhaps eaten a fairly large meal in the restaurant, and maybe also drunk a few glasses of wine, sometimes means that I have a restless night when I'm staying away from home, but as soon as I lay back on the bed and experienced the sensation of gently sinking into the Tempur mattress and pillow I immediately felt myself relaxing. Tempur isn't the same as generic memory foam products on the market. Derived from a material that was originally developed as a pressure absorbing material to cushion and support astronauts during lift off, it gently conforms to the exact shape of your body, evenly distributing weight and pressure and providing support exactly where you need it. It's temperature sensitive, becoming softer where your body exerts most pressure and firmer in cooler areas where less pressure is exerted. By redistributing your weight in this way it helps relieve uncomfortable pressure or stress on your joints. I've had a few back problems recently and the Tempur mattress felt wonderfully supportive. I slept right through the night and didn't wake tossing and turning trying to find a more comfortable position as I sometimes do at home.

Tempur mattress | Pennyhill Park

The following morning I awoke feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed. I still didn't want to get up though - Tempur mattresses and pillows are incredibly comfortable if you like to spend time reading in bed... or drinking tea!

Tea in bed

A mattress is a fairly significant purchase. A good one should last for up to ten years, so it's worth investing in the best you can afford, but picking the right one can be confusing. You'll almost certainly want to try a few out before you choose one, but ten or fifteen minutes spent testing a mattress out in store doesn't really compare with the experience of sleeping on one, so if you're thinking of buying a Tempur mattress testing one out in a hotel is a great idea. If that's not an option you could always ask around and see if any of your friends or relatives have one.

When I mentioned that I was writing this review a couple of my friends enthusiastically told me how much they loved their Tempur mattresses, and one of them commented that it has helped him relieve his back pain. After our weekend away I'm now a convert too, and will definitely be treating myself to a couple of Tempur pillows until we're ready to upgrade our mattress.

white slippers

With thanks to Tempur for arranging our stay at Pennyhill Park. This post is in collaboration with Tempur, but as always all opinions are my own.