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Zamioculcas | Design Hunter

Looking for a bold, resilient and easy to care for houseplant to add to your collection for a quick botanical pick me up?

With its glossy dark green foliage and big personality Zamioculcas is one of my favourites. We once had one in a soulless corporate office I used to work in. It was rarely watered and I don't recall anyone ever feeding it, yet somehow it thrived and always looked cheerfully sturdy and healthy, adding a striking focal point to an otherwise rather miserable and uninspiring space.

It's this month's Houseplant of the Month over at The Joy of Plants and in today's post I've teamed up with them to show how I've incorporated it into my office at home.

Zamioculcas | Design Hunter

Originally from Africa, Zanzibar grows wild in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi and Zanzibar. It's a really easy plant to look after and doesn't wilt if you forget to water it. Even if you think you aren't very green fingered, it's pretty hard to kill. If you're heading off on your summer holidays in a few weeks time just give it a quick drink before you leave and it should happily survive unattended for a week or two. It stores nutrients and water in its stems and subterranean bulbs and will subsist on these reserves while you are away.

Zamioculcas | Design Hunter

How to care for Zamioculcas

  • Zamioculcas can be grown in either a light or dark spot.
  • Keep it away from cold corners and don't allow the temperature to fall below 15° C (59° F).
  • Don't overwater it or allow it to sit with its feet constantly in water.
  • Move it to a larger pot as it gets bigger to encourage continued growth.
Zamioculcas | Design Hunter

I love its robust, stoic quality. It stands imperturbably upright adding a touch of calm to my office. It's supposed to have air-purifying qualities too.

Zamioculcas | Design Hunter

Zamioculcas is a bold plant and I think it works best displayed in an equally bold pot. I've chosen this curvaceous black planter because it provides a good visual anchor for the strong upright shoots of the plant.

Zamioculcas | Design Hunter
Zamioculcas | Design Hunter
Zamioculcas | Design Hunter

I've restricted the colour scheme in my office to black and white, but felt that things needed softening up a little and wanted to add in a few cork elements for texture and warmth. Originally I'd planned to do a little DIY hack on the large black planter I've used for the Zamioculcas by adding a decorative band of cork to the base, but after a little experimentation I decided that the visual balance of this wasn't quite right. Instead I played around with a few other pot shapes and display configurations.

Cork plant pot | Design Hunter

This cube shaped planter started out as a black plastic pot. I applied a thin layer of adhesive cork sheet to it and it now adds a pleasing contrast to the black and white elements in the room. Its size and shape also provide a nice counterbalance to the more dominant circular shape of the black planter I've used for the Zamioculcas.

Office desk top | Design Hunter

It's a super quick and easy DIY project...


Simple Cork Planter DIY Project

Cork sheet | Design Hunter

You will need:

  • A roll of self-adhesive cork sheet.
  • A cube shaped planter or container (or use a cylindrical shaped container if you prefer).
  • A cutting mat.
  • A scalpel or craft knife.
  • A long metal ruler.

First measure the height and circumference of the pot. Mark the dimensions on the back of the cork sheet and carefully cut it to size. Peel back the film on the back of the cork sheet to reveal the adhesive surface and carefully apply the cork sheet to the pot.

Cork planter | Design Hunter

Cork is a lovely warm, tactile material, but it's not something you would usually find plant pots made from. Using a layer of cork sheet as a decorative wrap is a quick and easy way to introduce a different texture into your plant pot collection.

Zamioculcas | Design Hunter

Posted in collaboration with The Joy of Plants whose Houseplant of the Month campaign I am excited to be a part of.