Soft Minimalism

Circle collection by LSA | Design Hunter

Soft minimalism is a style I've found myself continuously evolving towards over the past few years, both here on Design Hunter and within my own home, so I'm happy to be joining in with a new hashtag Hannah of Hannah in the House has just launched over on Instagram.

#SoftMinimalStyle is aimed at countering the idea that minimalism is cold and sterile - it's about interiors that are warm and liveable.

"It's modernist and minimal with soft tones, ergonomic design and conscious consumerism" says Hannah.

All of which resonates with my love of objects and interiors that are simple, pared back and honest in their design and use of materials and my belief that we should make more carefully considered choices so that we buy less but buy better.

For me this style is about contrasting textures and materials - wood, natural stone, porcelain, wool or linen for example. It's also about everyday luxuries that make daily rituals and activities more joyful, like a simple linen tablecloth or a cup of tea enjoyed from a favourite tea set.

This stackable porcelain teapot by LSA playfully lifts off its base so that you can use the cup underneath. It comes with a handy wooden saucer and a matching milk jug to complete the set.

The pieces are from LSA's Circle collection which was created to mark the brand's 50th anniversary this year. Pairing mouth blown glass and vitrified porcelain with natural ash wood it's a practical and versatile range designed for serving food and displaying objects or flowers. I've used the glass container as a vase but it could also be used as an ice bucket or for storing and displaying objects.

I'll be sharing more of my #SoftMinimalStyle over on Instagram. Hope to see you over there.

Circle Collection by LSA | Design Hunter

glass vase*  |  LSA

milk jug*  |  LSA

tea for one*  |  LSA

linen tablecloth |  The White Company

* gift or sample

Styling and photography by Design Hunter.