My guest curation for Rise Art

Dancer by Cody Choi | Rise Art

I've adopted an increasingly minimalist approach to the interiors in my own home over the past few years, and the more we've managed to reduce things to just the essentials the more I've come to appreciate what we have left. The things that remain are, for the most part at least, now things we really love and have consciously chosen to live with. And now that we have more space in our home there is more room for them to breathe and be appreciated.

At the same time I've actively sought out new pieces of art. Blank walls can be great, but some just feel empty. Art gives life to key spaces in the home, and it's also something through which we can express our individuality and our values. So I was excited to be invited to be a guest curator for Rise Art recently. You can view the collection I've curated for them here and this week you can also find me over on their blog talking about how I use art at home and sharing a few thoughts on choosing art for interiors.

In curating my collection I've specifically picked out pieces that I would like to live with every day within my own home, which is often very different from the art that I would admire in a gallery. Some of the pieces I've chosen reflect my interest in architecture and design. Others have an abstract quality that I find absorbing or soothing. I've also picked our photography that captures space and light in interesting ways, as this is something I try to do in the pictures I take myself.

Deco Stairs by Ian Hoskin | Rise Art

I really like the Rise Art concept as it offers you the opportunity to discover original art and to enjoy it within your own home without committing to buying it. You can choose to rotate pieces as often as you like using their art rental service, or buy artwork you decide you really love, so it's a great way to discover the work of both established and emerging contemporary artists.

Rental prices start from just £15 per month and all rentals are shipped ready to hang with free delivery and a no hassle returns policy, making it an easy and flexible way to buy or rent contemporary art online.

Here are some of the pieces I've chosen for my guest edit. Head over to Rise Art to view the rest of the collection.

White containers by Tommy Clarke | Rise Art
Embankment by Stephen Whatcott | Rise Art
Slide by Reed Hearne | Rise Art

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Dancer: Gama #4 - Cody ChoiDeco Stairs - Ian Hoskin | White Containers - Tommy ClarkeEmbankment - Stephen WhatcottSlide - Reed Hearn

In collaboration with Rise Art & all images featured courtesy of Rise Art.