3 easy steps to a clutter free bedroom

Studio by Silentnight bed | Design Hunter

I've been slowly working on decluttering our home this month. It's an ongoing project and sometimes when I look at an entire room that needs to be tidied and reorganised it feels a bit overwhelming. So at the start of the year I decided to tackle one small job every day. A few weeks in it's starting to pay off and things are beginning to feel a lot more manageable. 

Here are my top 3 simple tips for creating a clutter free bedroom.


1. Pack away out of season clothes and excess bedding

I am a big fan of vacuum storage bags, which can be used to pack away out of season or infrequently used items in a fraction of the space they would usually take up. That spare bedding you keep for when guests come to stay? Pack it away, along with your summer clothes and the beach towel you probably won't be needing until July. This is one job I always tackle with relish - there is something hugely satisfying about seeing bulky pillows and duvets reduced down to a neat little pack. As an added bonus, as well as saving space these handy little bags will also protect your clothes and bedding from dirt, dust, damp and moths.

And once you've squeezed every last tiny bit of air out of those vacuum bags a storage bed is the perfect place to hide them away. Bed frames take up most of the space in our bedrooms, so why not utilise that space as fully as possible? I wrote about our new Studio by Silentnight a few weeks back (you can watch me unboxing it and setting it up in this post if you missed it) but one thing I didn't mention was the handy and easy to access storage in the base of the bed. The mattress lifts up simply and easily whenever you need to access anything. It offers a generous amount of storage - easily enough for all our spare bedding, pillows and out of season clothes - freeing up valuable space in the drawers and wardrobes for other items. We opted for the half ottoman bed but if you want to maximise storage there's the option of adding extra draws too. And we love the modern minimal design.

Vacuum packed bed linen in storage bag | Design Hunter
Studio by Silentnight storage bed | Design Hunter
Dressing table storage | Design Hunter


2. Edit bath and beauty products down to key essentials

Do you really need six different body lotions? Probably not. If you've been sitting on something you received as a gift for more than a few months and haven't yet felt like testing it out when exactly are you planning to use it? Bin it or give it away to someone else who might appreciate it. The same goes for any products that don't really suit your skin type.

Get rid of what you don't need or use and then store the rest neatly away. I keep my make up and skincare products stacked upright in clear acrylic containers so that I can easily see the contents at a glance. Although I like to keep surfaces fairly clutter free I do find it useful to keep items I use every day out on display, either on my dressing table or in the bathroom. The rest I store away, using the containers as drawer dividers.

I also try to follow Marie Kondo's advice of using up small samples right away so that they don't end up lying around gathering dust in a drawer.


Dressing table storage | Design Hunter
Beauty product storage | Design Hunter

3. create a capsule wardrobe

January is the perfect time for a wardrobe edit. Pick out the pieces that spark joy and let go of things that are tired, dated or just don't suit you. Since I ruthlessly culled about 60% of my wardrobe a little while back I've noticed it's become much easier to find something I actually want to wear in the morning. I now buy fewer clothes but when I do update my wardrobe it's by thoughtfully investing in key seasonless pieces I can mix effortlessly with the other items I already own. For me that means simple basics like a white shirt or a cashmere sweater I can wear everyday. And if like me you're a little obsessive you can even colour organise them so that you can more easily find what you're looking for.

Clothes in wardrobe | Design Hunter

So if you feel overwhelmed by clutter don't set yourself unrealistic goals and try to conquer it all at once. By tackling just one or two simple tasks every day you'll quickly start to get on top of things.

What are your tips for creating a more minimal, organised home? Let me know in the comments.


Posted in collaboration with Studio by Silentnight.