YPPERLIG | The IKEA x HAY collection

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Whether its in fashion or interiors, collaborations between large well known brands and sought after designers are often eagerly awaited (and seized upon) because they offer the chance to buy the work of a design house you admire at a price point that is usually more attainable than it would otherwise be.

That's certainly the case with the IKEA x HAY collection. There's been lots of collective excitement about this collection since it was first announced earlier this year, and it doesn't disappoint. Designed by Rolf and Mette Hay, the husband and wife duo behind the Danish design brand HAY, YPPERLIG is a capsule collection of beautiful basics - from furniture to lighting and accessories - along with one or two quirkier pieces too.

While we've all come to expect IKEA designs to be relatively affordable what's most impressed me about this collection is the quality of the designs. And judging by the comments I've received when I've posted images of the collection on Instagram, many of you agree with me.

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From the start we were very clear with IKEA that we wanted this collaboration to be true to IKEA, meaning honest and substantial products at an affordable price point that could be around for a long time.
— Mette Hay
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So lets start with the table. With its beautiful ash veneer surface and solid birch legs I honestly can't believe this is priced at only £150 because I would expect something of this quality to come with a much higher price tag. It feels solid and substantial and is generously sized to accommodate 6 people with ease. Actually you could probably fit 8 around it without too much difficulty, making it perfect for dinner parties or family gatherings. It also makes a brilliant desk and that's how I'm currently using it here in the studio. Having the luxury of a large tabletop to work on means that I can spread out and have several things on the go at once. So I can set up a flat lay or moodboard at one end, view images on my laptop at the other end and still have plenty of room for coffee and cake when I want to take a break. It is such a joy working in this space now.

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It's been thoughtfully designed for contemporary living too - the slots between the planks  are perfect if you want to trail a lamp or charging cable down to the nearest power source without having unsightly wires on view.

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The LED lamp has a quiet but distinctive presence and has a built in touch dimmer that lets you adjust the light with just the touch of a finger. The head is adjustable so you can direct the light wherever you want.

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Also seriously covetable are the Ypperlig chairs which are injection moulded into one single piece.  The resulting chairs are strong and light as well as elegant and comfortable. I even managed to break out of my usual fixation on monochrome and opted to add some colour to the studio with these. I chose the green ones, but they do also come in light grey if you're after a more neutral look. They're designed for indoor or outdoor use so you could use them in the garden during the summer months too. I love multi functional pieces that double up like this - great if you have a small house or garden and don't have room to store things away when they aren't in use, or if you're a minimalist and just like owning less stuff!

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The accessories collection includes this quirky powder coated aluminium candle holder and a co-ordinating box which is handy for storing desktop accessories like USB sticks or charging cables. And then there's this really great wall shelf, which is perfect for creating a styling backdrop or moodboard with your favourite magazines, pictures and keepsakes. 

Can you tell how much enthusiasm I have for this collection? 

IKEAxHAY Ypperlig collection | Design Hunter

" We didn't want to do something that was just a marketing stunt, but something that was beautiful, well-made and usable," said Mette Hay. "Really good products made by IKEA and sprinkled with a bit of HAY."

They've certainly succeeded. You can view the full collection here.


All styling and photography by Design Hunter and posted in collaboration with IKEA.