Pillow Talk

Croissant and grey pillows

Have you ever thought about how your pillow affects the quality of your sleep? Or more specifically, how the type of pillow you need is, amongst other things, determined by the position you usually sleep in? I have to be honest and admit that pillows aren't something I've ever really given much consideration to. I wash them occasionally and replace them every few years but until recently I'd never really thought about whether or not I was sleeping on the right type of pillow.

It's something I've done a little research into this month though as I've been trying out a new adjustable pillow from Studio by Silentnight. It turns out that the level of support you need if you sleep on your side is quite different from the support you need if you tend to sleep mainly on your front or back.

Studio by Silentnight pillow


Choosing the right type of pillow

The Studio by Silentnight pillow I've been sleeping on recently comes with three removable pads, each of which has a different comfort rating - there's a slim and soft one (no. 1), a medium thickness option (no. 2) and a firmer one (no. 3). These come encased in a cosy soft touch zip-up cover which coordinates with the mattress on our Studio by Silentnight bed.

The pads can be mixed and matched until you find a height and comfort level that provides just the right level of support - there are seven different combinations in total.

If you sleep on your front a soft, flat pillow with just one of the three pads is probably all you'll need.

If you usually sleep on your back you'll typically need a medium level of support - Studio by Silentnight recommend combining 1 and 2 or 1 and 3.

And if like me you tend to sleep mainly on your side you'll need a firmer level of support in order to align your neck and your spine. I originally tried it out with all three pads but after experimenting over a few of nights I've found that the combination that works best for me is 2 and 3.

Studio by Silentnight pillow
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How often should you replace your pillows?

Probably more often than you think. The level of support any pillow provides will deteriorate over time. As a quick rule of thumb, when you fold a pillow in half it should spring back into shape fairly quickly when you release it. If it doesn't it's probably time to think about buying a new one. Pillows also accumulate dead skin cells, dirt and oil and can become a breeding ground for dust mites so it's a good idea to think about replacing them every couple of years.

The Studio by Silentnight pillow comes with an anti-allergy cover so if you do have asthma or allergy to dust mites it should help you on your way to a peaceful uninterrupted night's sleept. It's also washable and comes with a two year guarantee.

Studio by Silentnight

Now that we have a new bed it was definitely time to ditch our tired old pillows. I've always loved the feeling of slipping into freshly laundered white sheets but nothing beats the feeling of settling down for the night on a lovely comfortable mattress with pristine new pillows too.

breakfast in bed

Styling and photography by Design Hunter in collaboration with Studio by Silentnight.