10 things to add to your spare room to make it guest ready this Christmas

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If you are hosting guests this Christmas the chances are you probably already have more than enough to do with buying presents and making sure the house is stocked with enough food and drink. To do lists can seem endless at this time of year and Christmas can be stressful enough without feeling that you have to be the perfect host so I’ll start this post with a disclaimer that I’m definitely not suggesting that you should be going out of your way to provide all (or even any) of the things mentioned below. You are welcoming friends or family into your home after all not running a 5 star hotel.

We’re still mid renovation here and because we don’t have a guest bedroom at the moment we haven’t been able to invite anyone to stay this year. I’ll also admit that I like to spend Christmas at home, and wake up in my own bed on Christmas morning, but whenever I do stay with friends I’m always really bowled over if they’ve gone to the trouble of including a few thoughtful details.

So if you are lucky enough to have a spare room, an hour or so on your hands and are looking for ways to make your guests feel really welcome this Christmas here are a few things you can add to their room. Some of them are things you probably already have lying around the house, others will cost very little or even nothing, but they are all considerate touches that definitely won’t go unappreciated.

Just don’t add too many of them or your guests may end up so comfortable that they don’t want to leave!

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1. fresh Flowers

There is nothing quite like flowers to create a sense of abundance and welcome, which is why you’ll nearly always be greeted by them when arriving at a good hotel. This pretty rose and berry bouquet from Bloom & Wild’s Christmas range will create a luxurious welcome no matter how humble your guest room is, but even just a few sprigs of foliage from the garden or a single bloom in a bud vase on the bedside table will create an inviting touch. Most importantly flowers let your guests know that you’ve gone to the effort of making them feel just that little bit special.

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2. tea making facilities

If you happen to have a spare kettle lying around why not leave it in the guest room along with a couple of mugs and a small jug of milk? If your visitors are early risers they can then make themselves a cup of tea in the morning without worrying about disturbing you.


3. Tissues, towels and toiletries

Leave a supply of little essentials like tissues, towels and soap or shower gel in the room. As well as being thoughtful it will also save you having to run around later trying to find clean towels for your visitors when they want to have a bath or shower.


4. books or magazines

It’s always nice to have some reading material to flick through wherever you are staying so leave a few books or magazines on the bedside table for your guests to browse through at bedtime.

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6. A Phone charger & WIFI code

Yes, Christmas is a good time to unplug from emails and social media, and I’m definitely in favour of the odd board game or two with the family over the festive season rather than relentless phone scrolling, but most people will probably still want to hook up to wifi occasionally. Print out a little card with the wifi code so that they can easily stay connected and leave a spare phone charger in the room too if you have one in case they forget to bring theirs.


7. A Hairdyer

If you have a spare hairdryer your guests might appreciate you leaving it in the room ready for them to use. People are often laden down with gifts when travelling at Christmas so anything that helps them to travel a little lighter will definitely be appreciated.

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8. A Bathrobe

Providing little luxury touches like a spare bathrobe or dressing gown is another way of helping your guests out so they don’t have to pack their own and carry a bulky suitcase, something that’s particularly useful if they are travelling by public transport rather than by car.


9. Spare blankets and pillows

Everyone has different preferences for how warm (or cool) they like to be in bed. Leave a couple of spare blankets in the room and if you have them, some spare pillows too, so that your guests can make themselves more comfortable.


10. A jug of water

Finally, leave a jug of water and a glass next to the bed. It’s a simple detail that costs nothing and again shows that you are thinking of their comfort and want them to feel at home.


The bouquet featured in this post is the Holly bouquet by Bloom & Wild. It’s usually priced at £34 but is currently available with 10% off and free next day delivery. The flowers were really fresh when they arrived and I’ve been impressed with how long they have lasted. I took these pictures last week and have now had the flowers for 10 days but they still look really good.

Thank you to Bloom & Wild for supporting this post.

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