How to choose the perfect pillow

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Now that we’ve completed our bedroom makeover we can direct our attention to fun stuff like the bedding and other finishing touches to help turn the room into a calming space that we can retreat to for a good night’s sleep. The White Company has long been my favourite destination when it comes to buying anything to do with the bedroom. I’ve used their bed linen for years and I love the fact they supply pretty much everything you need for a good night’s sleep from mattresses, beds (hello dream four poster) and bedroom furniture through to pillows, duvets and linen as well as the most gorgeous silk pyjamas and little luxuries like scented candles or pillow spray.

With the holidays over and the busy back to work season upon us I always think getting a good night’s sleep is a key factor in avoiding stress at this time of year, but I’ve really struggled to find the right pillow recently. I love the luxurious feel of down pillows but I am prone to allergies and have found that down sometimes exacerbates this. Switching to a non allergenic pillow definitely seems to have helped but many of the synthetic pillows I’ve tried have fallen short when it comes to comfort. So in my quest for the perfect pillow I’m partnering with sleep experts The White Company who definitely know a thing or two about creating beautiful bedrooms that not only exude calm and tranquility but also get the fundamentals like finding a good pillow or mattress right.

Here’s what I’ve learned about choosing and caring for your perfect pillow.


1.find a pillow to suit your sleeping position

Do you sleep on your side, your back or your front?

If you’re a side sleeper like me you’ll probably need a firm, supportive pillow to align your neck and spine. I’m currently trying out The White Company’s deluxe side support pillow. It offers a good level of comfort and support and its boxed construction means that it fills the pillowcase out really nicely, so your pillows look plumply inviting… and (unexpected bonus) more instagrammable too!

If you sleep on your back then you’ll need a pillow that absorbs the weight of your head. Again it’s all about keeping your spine comfortably aligned. The White Company recommend their medium memory microfibre pillow.

Front sleepers typically require less support so a soft support pillow like this one is ideal.


2. choose the right Material

For sheer luxury there’s nothing like the soft, inviting feeling of down but it may not be the best option if you are prone to allergies, or if you need a pillow that provides a firmer level of support.

This non-allergenic Smartdown pillow made of recycled polyester is designed to mimic the feel of natural down.

For a firmer level of support try a shape contouring memory foam pillow. These adapt and mould to the shape of your head, providing firm support with added comfort.

Alternatively if you love the feel of down but need something with a little more support then The White Company recommend their Hungarian Goose Down Support Pillow.


3. consider non allergenic options

Pillows can harbour dust mites (and lots of other nasty things), particularly if they are not washed and replaced regularly, so if you are prone to allergies or sinus problems, or if find yourself waking up feeling wheezy, then you may find that a non allergenic polyester or memory foam pillow helps to alleviate your symptoms.


4. Keep them clean

When laundering your bed linen don’t forget about the pillows. Most pillows can be washed in your washing machine (take care not to overload it) though professional laundering may be advised in some cases. Wash them every few months and use a pillow protector under your pillowcase to keep them looking clean and new.

How to choose the perfect pillow

5. Replace Regularly

Most people probably underestimate how often they should change their pillows. The level of support your pillows offer will deteriorate over time. They will also absorb dirt, oil and dead skin cells making them a breeding ground for dust mites so its a good idea to think about replacing them every couple of years.


6. Add a touch of fragrance

It’s well documented that creating a healthy bedtime routine can help you to achieve a better night’s sleep. As part of my evening routine I love to give my pillows a quick spritz with a pillow mist. The White Company have just launched a new Sleep collection - a collection of naturally infused sleep remedies with what they describe as a peace inducing scent. It contains six of the most relaxing essential oils, including lavender and chamomile and smells amazing! The Sleep Soothing Pillow Mist is the perfect finishing touch to freshly laundered linen and a lovely treat if you have guests coming to stay.


For further tips on choosing the perfect pillow The White Company have put together a handy buying guide here.

Posted in collaboration with The White Company.